The Monster in Me (is You)

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There’s that space of loneliness again inside me,

A big black hole poked through my twisted heart,

It’s aching once more, as if it hasn’t been enough before.

Atleast I know, there’s still that little guy there fighting,

Trying to make me feel how to be a living thing.


No one knows I named my heart Speed,

Not because it was easy for me to fall

But because it has always been easy for me to move on.

Falling in-love is the hard part for me.

But someone broke the rule

And he was the cruelest of them all.


He made me see what love can do,

He made me believe in wishes and magic,

He had me on things being so nice and gentle

But it was him, whom he can’t tell

The lies behind the love that everyone had fell.


I learned to be cautious instead of being imperative,

I got to be so preventive because he got me so addicted,

I was taught to hold on to my heart tightly because

it’s the only thing now that consumes me

And I’m still learning, to let go of him.


I don’t want him back in my life,

Enough is about enough how he ruined my mountain top.

I do know I’ll be okay someday,

But I just hope not to think of him anymore everyday.

Because the pain I’m feeling seems to grow more

And when I see him, I’m not so sure anymore.


His presence confuses me,

Because I know my heart wants back all the love it gave.

I just have to be smart,

The tears I’ve cried are enough,

Enough for me to let him go,


Say goodbye and pray that he will get the hell out of my way.


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