The Confession; A Cassanova

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I wonder what happened on that night.

The very one we stayed out and watch for the moon at midnight.

I wonder how it happened that you wanted me to see you again three hours later.

What went wrong after that coffee at Six?

Was it the stolen kiss we did when you tried to lean so I could repeat what I said?

Or was it that, your heart is made of stone and mine was on frozone?


I wanted you. And anyone even the blind can tell.

I adored how humble and kind you were,

I wandered so much on how responsible you were.

And I had loved every invitation you asked me to,

That saying NO was the hardest thing to do.


We got it all but you had it on the most.

You got two and I only have you.

My kind heart was torn in two

And instead of losing myself, I lost you.

Because I never really got to win you.


After the pain of losing you,

There was a lot of mistake I wished to do.

A lot of people I wanted to drag with my agony.

I just didn’t know how long it’ll be.

Life got a little messed up

But when I was so down I realized I’m still standing up.

A lot consoled with my broken heart

And they made me realize that when the door closes,

The gate opens wide, really wide.


When you gave me pain, it was all I could think of.

You were the oppression of my yesterday’s sorrow.

I got a little bit carried away and beckoning every tomorrow.

Then I thought of that one night,

Good thing it only happened that night.

I didn’t want to spend the rest of my every night thinking

Not seeing you is one form of dying

And how you suddenly became my everything

That the next day all you wanted then was nothing.


Thank you game changer.

I am now a better player.

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