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Riding through this world of an oyster, for the girl that loves a roller-coaster.!.

To her I’ll say; “you glide”, even if she’s flown..!

For her; I’ll stand aside, even if she roams..!

The taste of her love, is my fatal attraction.!.

I float in her love, like the words in a caption.!.

Her presence is euphoric and arouses my smell..!

I fall so deep in her love, I invoke a spell.!.

I adore that she’s driven, beyond what words could tell.!.

She’s the only star of my heaven and my love’s from a well..!

I picture her in my mind all the time and behind every wall.!.

I want her pictures as pictures of mine and on every wall..!

She knows when I’m present and I’ve got her in sight.!.

She vows she’s my present, now my love’s ignite.!.

She needs my passion when she blushes, so I hold her tight.!.

I give her all of my passion until she gushes, all through the night.!.

I never grip her nor bind her, though she feels like she’s caught.!.

I’ve once bit her to remind her, thought she never once fought.!.

I sniff her body as I would a flower, then I exhale ever so slowly.!.

She quivers and it excites me, as she holds her breath then me closely.!.

I place my ear on her back, she’s still, yet I can hear her heart racing.!.

I face the fear that she won’t look back, as she’s still unaware in the streets I’ve been chasing.!.

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