She’s Worth Trying For

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Its not true that I haven’t put my all into trying,

I know because I have, so you won’t see me crying.

Avoiding harsh words and keeping things lite,

Which comes back and bites me by invoking a fight.

Kill them with kindness I’ve heard people say,

But what good that did me at the end of the day?

No matter what, you don’t see the main goal,

And see that our fighting is taking its toll

On the beautiful girl who deserves more than this,

Who shouldn’t have to choose which parent to miss.

It doesn’t make sense we can’t find common ground,

Why every conversation, a blow up is bound.

It shouldn’t be hard to compromise and stay calm,

So our girl can be proud of both her dad and her mom.

Why cant we let go of the childish past?

And allow our maturity to shine through and last.

Hope that the screams and the cruelty disappear,

And whenever we speak there wont be any fear.

Any worry any chance that again she will pay,

With the uncertainly of which home this week she will stay.

If we can’t come up with a better system for this,

That’s just be more time we’re allowing to miss.

So I hope that this plea will be taken in haste.

So the days to come won’t be more that we waste.

And when she’s finally become the best person she can be,

She will credit that accomplishment to you and to me.

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