Remember the Children

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They grow up as Daddy’s big boy and as Mommy’s little angel, 
Innocence all so angelic, every single little girl.

Though it seems that every angel has a place in the sky, 
Many harsh realities leave people tearing at the eye.

All throughout the world these little girls are often at risk, 
The inevitable chance in which they’ll end in the abyss.

Millions falling victim every year, the worst of any crime 
While to save a kidnapped child is a race against time.

Some are kidnapped for their labor, others worse to fit the bill. 
Either way, this trafficking is always done against their will.

Luckily, attempts are being made to slow this evil down. 
Governments and organizations arriving town-by-town.

If we strengthen laws and policies, they’ll impact life for sure. 
More protection and prevention for the children we adore.

Child labor laws will parallel our law enforcement drive. 
Every ounce of effort will improve our future as we thrive.

Education and healthcare that they need will help as well, 
Safety in communities to aid where our children dwell.

If we work as one, in time we’ll see a better, safer place. 
Where we’ll smile back to little smiles planted on their face.


© Shenita Etwaroo

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