Please Do

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Why do happiness causes someone’s misfortune?

Why does feeling happy have to be a risk?

If love is true,

Why Am I feeling so blue?


Can’t I just love you in my own terms?

Can’t I be the one to set rules this time?

Am I not allowed just a quarter maybe?

Is love even suppose to hurt this way?


I thought loving is suppose to make you happy,

I thought as you start feeling, it should be easy,

Why do I feel crazy?

Why does my heart feels a li’l bit limpy.


I know I’m wrong. I know.. I know.

I should stop now,

I just don’t have the will,

I’m not strong enough to let go

Of that one single person who appeared back in my life,


I can never go back the same,

Tell me how,

What should I do?

But I got myself into this,

And I can’t blame you,


Just please, Right now,

Help me get over you.

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