Personal Poison

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My one and only shining star whom I love more than anything in the world. His tears break my heart as our situation goes from managable to horrible in a matter of moments. I defy all the laws and customs of a normal marriage, my ways inlike any other. His smile brightens my soul, a light unwavering, unable to be dimmed or shut down. His motivation, his determination, the buliding blocks of his goals and his wildest dreams. My reason for pushing on and enduring the hardships that are my life. His kisses awaken the very essence of my spirit, my senses strengthened by his very delicate touch. Our love making, a firey sensation, a breathtaking time where our emotions overpower our ability to think. His voice, the song of my life, the very key to unlock all of my passion and the very reason for my existance. His tattoos tell a story, a look into his myserious past, a glipse of who he once was and who he is to become. His ways, a private path set for the future success of his family. His eyes, a window to who he truly is desite who everyone potrays him to be. Oh how I long to feel his heartbeat, that steady, even beat, the beautiful sound of a life worth fighting and even dying for. To hear the soft melody of his voice, a tune that is impossible to copy or even attempt to replay without failing. Oh how I long to endure the pain he constantly feels, to be driven nearly insane by the intensity that is his agony. To understand his every thought, being capable to comprehend the knowledge that his brain retains, a gift that this world is not worthy to recieve. His body, a sculpture so divine and so intricate that regular hands dont deserve to even behold his incrdible glory.He is my one and only personal poison

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