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By some unknown traveler



1. Intro


This book is the sole expression of my life, its meaning (if any) and my feelings in general, since the day I was born.

Some things won’t be believed, but that is how I exprienced them, because I feel a huge desire to share them, for

some unknown reason. And yeah I’m listening to cool music while I am writing this, which is pretty damn awesome to do.

I actually think its a cool thing to do, to write the story of your life, in a simple txt notepad file, and share it with the world.

If you don’t find this interesting of course, feel free to skip this, but I promise I will try to keep things interesting.


2. Visions of childhood


The first thing / memory I remember from my life and childhood, is my actual birth. You may find it hard to believe how

a person can remember his own birth, but I remember a small fraction. I remember visions up until today, of being inside

a red tunnel (sounds funny doesn’t it), sliding down and coming out to a number of unfamiliar faces. I think there were

a few doctors around me when I came out, but I’m not sure about that. Since then, I will try now to remember what comes

to my head first because it’s not simple to remember your own early childhood as some of it is kind of erased from

your memory for some reason..


So, the first thing I remember after that, the earliest memory, is either going to pray with my father on a friday (I was born

and raised jewish, that’s how it was), or a clear memory of my brother’s wedding day.


I think it was the earlier, because the memory of my brother’s wedding is more clear. I remember everyone liking the way

I looked as a child since I had blond hair and a very “doll” like face, so they really loved me, also for being some what of

a quiet and good boy, not giving any problems to my mother or anyone else.


The memory from my brother’s wedding is more clear. I remember he bought me a fire truck which for some reason

I really liked, even though up until today I have no particular interest in cars. I played with it a lot. It had a small hose and

the miniature little details fascinated me I guess. I took it to his wedding, and I remember waiting a long time for the guests

to arrive with my parents, and I drove my mother crazy because I didn’t want to stand with them.


Then I remember some really funny and old songs from the wedding day itself, they were really fucking stupid in my opinion

but times were different, it was the 80’s and I was friggin 3 years old. Oh the 80’s. It was magical. I’ll explain later.


Anyways, after that, I have mixed visions. They told me that because I looked so good, my older brother would take me

outside so I can lure chicks for him, which is pretty funny thinking about it. I was a fucking bait for chicks.. lol.

But I don’t remember any of that, for the life of me. I have mixed memories and I don’t really know the right order of them,

but I will share them anyways.


3. Clearer Memories


More clear memories come after this but I don’t remember their order in time.

I remember my sisters clearly. I was jumping on her bed on saturdays, to disturb her on purpose, while she was sleeping.

It was funny for me, still funny when I think about it even though I have no idea why I did that. I guess I found it funny,

disturbing her peace by jumping on her bed. Or maybe its just a revenge on something she did to me. I think it had

something to do with that. Anyways, another memory which was clear was going to the beach with my parents.

Going into the water was awesome. Oh yeah, also, I remember my nanny, Jeorget (she was french), telling me

not to touch the knife because its dangerous. She taught me to create a big sigh sound, when I see a knife, and go like

“Sighhhhhhhhhhhhh THIS KNIFE IS VERY DANGEROUS!! REALLY DANGEROUS” which was really funny.

I remember that clearly! It’s funny because I only remember that part, and if she wouldn’t have taught me that,

I don’t think I would remember her even though I was with her every day. It’s funny how our memoery works and erases

data like there’s no tomorrow. What the fuck brain. I also remember kindergarden. We did some really stupid shit there.

Holy shit. By the way I’m currently listening to “Took a pill in Ibiza” pretty awesome song, I recommend hearing that.


4. Kindergarden


So yeah, as I was saying, SOME REALLY STUPID SHIT WAS DONE on kindergarden. I mean what the fuck was I even

thinking. I remember I had a friend name Shachar (It means dawn in hebrew). He led me to do that stupid shit.. we used

to ride on a broom like a witch, and pass through the children, taking their pants down and running away. Hahahaha

that guy was crazy, he dragged me into it. We got punished though! The kindergarden teacher took us both and took

both our pants down in front of the whole class. We never did it again, and learned our lesson. Stupid kids 😀

That guy.. he always had it with the girls even though he looked like a dumbass. Another proof that girls look at

character first and prefer that over looks most of the time. I was so childish at the time, thinking its embarassing to hang

out with girls. He used to take them hand by hand and not be ashamed of it. If I could go back in time I’d slap myself

so hard to wake the fuck up, so many times, and I will mention this again and again in the future writing as I keep fucking

up all the time with girls, having perfect chances to get them. But it all led to one glorious moment, which I will explain later.


5. First grade and others


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