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                                                          OUR MARRIAGE MARATHON!


We started with an enthusiastic pace,

The life’s most important race,

To make it strong and nurture its base,

We decided to mask the emotions on our face.


Tumbling then learning and moving on,

We laid the foundation of our Marriage Marathon.


With dreams soaring high and life turning new,

The hopes in our hearts were never few,

Achievable are those was all that we knew,

In a world that had me and you.


Little did we know it had so many add-ons,

Yes, my dear, that’s our Marriage Marathon.


Priorities changed and so did our goals,

That got us so busy to play different roles,

Rarely we found time to read each other’s soul,

Now we realize when we sit and scroll.


Retrospecting the moment that’s already gone,

From the days of our Marriage Marathon.


“It’s not an easy journey”, many said,

Still cherishable are those memories that we have made,

I’m glad that we had successfully read,

What the lines tried to convey on our forehead.


Our outlook changed and so did our vision,

Through this journey of our Marriage Marathon.


Many of our predicaments went unaddressed,

Along with several emotions that we suppressed.

Life wouldn’t be easy we should have guessed,

But in each other’s arms, we found ourselves blessed.


An important lesson of not letting go and holding on,

Is what we have learnt from our Marriage Marathon.


It’s now that after all these years 

When we have accomplished our goals, and outlived our fears,

Let us live our life and direct the steers

To the world of ours with just smiles and no tears.


It’s worth embracing from dusk till dawn,


The enduring bond of our Marriage Marathon.

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