No Exceptions!¡!

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No Exceptions!¡!

She’s way more than I’d ever wanted, though she’s no-one I could ever save.!.

She says no more of feel’N haunted, lows & highs are centre stage as a better phase.!.

She wasn’t what I was seek’N, YET, since we’ve met she’s left me freak’N..!

She fills my hunger, then tells me I’m not a number.!.

It’s like, she’s aroused to see me slay.!.

For her I’d starve til I behave..!

For her I’d starve chills I begave..!

And though she always takes me higher, she could never save me from the fryer.!.

It’s all her ways that I admire, living pass the edge & so close to fire.!.

Piss’D all my years & what I acquire, giving glass the sledge & boast who admire.!.

I’ll forever be her patient, cause I’m impatient & she’s a rush str8 to the grave.!.

I’ll remember being patient, with her patients & she’s pushed gr8 through the rave.!.

She never chooses me, besides she’s so clever she loses me.!.

She’s never through with me, besides if I let her she oozes me.!.

Each time I’d take her, she’d take me and break me with no motive.!.

Then I’d date her like she forgives & lie awake, like she’s not supportive.!.

She’s been my company & my attorney on this journey, when nothing gives..!

She’s once tried to drown me we keep no boundaries, except to the point of where no-one lives..! 

She’s had me deal with intent to floss payments, you’d question me to declare she gives.!.

She’s had me deal with agents & cross’D agents, who’d question me of where she lives.!?

I must be dumb..!

She’s never hurt, she preys to give.!.

I must be numb..!

I’m always hurt, YET prays to live.!.


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