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I’m so happy that I’m with you,

And that I know I’m yours,

And that you’re mine.

I love you so much,

And I haven’t been this happy in so long.

I missed the feeling of being happy.

Right now I need you so much,

I need you to pull me away from that dark place.

It’s calling to me; screaming my name again,

Consuming my thoughts,

And haunting my dreams.

I need you to whisper my name,

Consume my thoughts,

And linger in my dreams.

I need you to help me,

I know you will,

I know you’ll be there for me.

I just hope you know how much I really need and want you.

I need you now more than ever,

And I’m so happy that I’m yours.

You’ve already consumed my thoughts,

You’ve already lingered in my dreams,

And now, I just need you.

This need is great,

This need is painful yet perfect,

This need is you.

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