My Someday

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Between the stars in the sky,

Are spaces to keep them apart.

Down below they look like glued together,

Like a marriage in an altar.


That’s how I felt a few years back,

You were a ruby I was just a stone,

A plain old one you wont even long,

And you’re the kind that’s strong,

Like a hazard waiting for a gong.


I was a nomad and nobody,

Some might say a li’l bit crazy,

But when of love I’m hazy

Maybe because no one ever liked me.


I made a lot of mess when I was younger,

A lot more foolish as I get older,

But my heart went bitter then stronger

And I know what battle I could win over.


I’ve memorized myself so much

That I don’t wanna be in love anymore,

Because all it will cause is pain for sure

And my heart will cry out of cure.


Someone exceptional will eventually come,

He wont mind of who’ll I become,

Unlike anyone who will only have me to strum,

He will care for me like my mother has never done

Or how my father should have become.

And we will have our own little family,

Loving each other truthfully,

No buts ifs and maybes

Because we will only care about our babies.

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