Kristin’s Random Life

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Hello my name is Kristin,

  Today I explain to you my life and most likely my thoughts to. But first let me tell you a couple of things about myself. I am sixteen years old my birthday is June eleventh in the year of nineteen ninty-nine. I am currently going to Amite High School home of the warriors their school colors are yellow and purple. I have went to four different schools in two years You ask why well long story short. Most of my life I have enjoyed moving schools but since I’ve gotten older I have chosen that if my fsmily moves I will find one of my friends and live with them. It is way to stressful to move another school before Amite I was going to Loranger High School. The school its self was small but their was a lot of students that went there now Amite it is a big school its twice as big as Loranger. I do not have any type of Internet at my house I only have access when I am at school or the public library.

  Sorry about that the bell rang for me to go to my next class and now its another day @ Amite. My hair is up in a pony tail for a change the weather was cool in the early mornings and night but now its is rare  cool during the day time though its about 80 degrees to 83 degrees. When the cold front came a big storm came before the cold front got here. Where my grandma live sin northeast Louisiana they had two tornadoes come threw there town till this day the kids in oak grove still don’t have school. The first tornado was thirteen miles wide and moving at 48 miles per hour there was only a bed and a bathtub left at my grandmas house because that is what they hid under during the storm. Before the storm hit us we ran to our neighbor house with all seven of our dogs and cats. The storm may have been moving fast but it did a lot of damage in that amount short amount of time. Anyways to get back to what happened  at school yesterday I was walking down the stairs to go to lunch and I slipped and down I went. I am still sore it hurts for me to sit down but I’m a big girl I can handle the pain all it is is a bruise on my left cheek and right cheek.

  Most of what I am going to write to you will be very truthful. I am an honest person and also I think I have a stalker he keeps saying hey to me always watching and fallowing me but I will tell him to stop. He even has my email so I blocked him from me. For those of you who don’t know I applied to The University of Alabama they have sent me a package and other times back. Its another day at Amite High except I’m in the library there isn’t supposed to be anybody in here because the teachers are outside. They don’t no i’m in here though. I’m back and I am in 3 hour in my algebra 1 class. The bell rung this morning for me to go to class so I saved what I wrote and ran to my first hour class. We get out of school out of 2:35 and a at Loranger we get out of school at 3:00 p.m. the classes are shorter at Amite. The class I am in is mostly black people an two white people including me. 

  The one thing that is happening in my life is a recurring. It includes a black haired baby with a point noise and Caribbean blue eyes. There is also another baby it has blonde hair. I have had a dream about someone having a wedding that is red and white the dress is white with red lace on the bottom of it. I have told my sister Savannah the dream and she told me that sound like it might come true and could be her. The Franklinton fair is this weekend it is the Louisiana state fair I have never went to the state fair if Louisiana before I would love to go to ti this year it is the 8 biggest fair in the United States. That is what happened so far in my life these past few weeks. Bye For Now!!!

  I’m back the state fair is happening now in franklinton I can’t wait to go tonight. We only have 1 hour an 20 minutes left until the school bell rings for us to go home. Member how I told ya’ll that I had a stalker well I told him to leave me alone and he said why i’m trying to be your friend. I was thinking in my head no run so I just ingnored him he follows me to class and when I try to run he runs after me! I even more scared. For those of you who don’t know what Mardi Gras is it is a carnival held in some countries on Shrove Tuesday, most famous in New Orleans. I went last year that was my first tim e ever going to New Orleans Mardi Gras it was so exciting but I got hit in the head a couple of times by some beads. We even walked down bourbon street during that time I saw a sign that said Marie Laveau voodoo shop, so I ran in the shop I believe in God an everything but I still like voodoo. My aunt go a anklet that said voodoo she told me next time she is gonna get me a doll. A girl in my class is pregnant an she is fainting. 

   I’m back the girl is okay for your information. My teacher finally fixed my E2020 so I want be typing as much. I am very excited for my grandma’s spooky trail this year it is going to be so amazing. Last years was so scary especially when my dad was running after me with a running chainsaw. My aunt cricket was a firefighter clown my big sis savannah now she is terrified of clowns. So that was pretty funny to watch her scream an almost pee on herself because she was so scared. Now about the state fair I went and saw Tracie Lawrence in concert he is a country singer. The fair was so big they had so many rides one ride actually cost 20$ for one ride. If you were to not know what time square looked like you would thing that the walk way to the fair was it. I found 70$ in a letter that said to Mr.Fair Man i kept the money though it was a lot it payed for half of my fair food. I might as well get to working on my actual work before she catches me so I will talk to you guys or girls later.








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