I Love You

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I’m afraid to say I love you.

Not because if rejection,

You all ready love me.

You’ve said it before.


Once, but it was enough.

I thre away the note,

Only becuase I was afriad.

Of you.


But no.

I’m afraid to say I love you.

In case I mean it.

In case I fell.


That would be ridiculous.

Slightly impossible.

It’s not going to happen,

Becuase I will not say I love you.


I’ve said it before,

Love is unwanted.

It’s heartbreak.

I wasn’t going to love anyone.


I belive I’m unlovable,

But you’ve said it.

You said you love me.

It was a lie, wasn’t it?


I was in pain,

You came to my rescue,

Trying to be the unwanted hero.

But I still wanted you.


But never,


Will I say I love you.

I won’t fall.


In falling,

I would only hurt you.

Break you.

Becuase I won’t be able to love you back.


I won’t be loved!

I’ve screamed it,

I’ce cried it,

I want it to be true!


I’m trying to send you a message.



Hear me!

I’m trying to save you!

I’ve tried this before,

But you came back.

You saved me!


So please,


Save me

From falling.


I will not say I love you.

I’m afraid that one day

I will wake up,

And It’ll be true.


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