I Can’t Breathe

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<i>I watch time go by like it’s a rolling train.

I try to wash away the pain away but nobody cares.

I am in the dark but and blinded by the rain.

My lungs seem really desperate for air.

Can someone out there help me breathe again?

I ventured out to a land unseen.

Is this a dream or am I awake?

How much more of this can I take?

Never have I felt so helpless and alone.

Can someone show me the way back home?

There were whispers and then I saw a flame.

I thought heard someone call my name.

I wanted to run. I wanted to hide.

I wondered if this was my time to die.

Can someone save me from this dilemma?

I had bitten the hand that fed me again.

I found a room that had a mirror.

In its reflection I saw my face young.

Frozen in time with no place to run.

Can someone get me out of this place?

With the paddles of shock pressed to my chest.

I was jilted from slumber and my eyes opened fast.

They said I was lucky it was a heart attack.

Another minute and I would not have come back.

Can someone help me find a new heart?

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