Helpline Protocol

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Can you just leave me be for one moment?

You're stifling my thoughts and my space.

I'm still my own best form of torment.

A joke worthy of a clown's face.

I can't hang on with my failing strength.

I'm just hoping I don't go for that length

of rope I keep for emergencies, but I can't really help myself.

Will you believe one more thing?

I should be what you hate, but you'll have to wait at the end of the line.

"You need to calm down, sir, and take a better look at life."

Don't try to read my skin; It's a canvas, not a book. Alright?

But my mind has grown numb, and my ears are deaf.

My mouth is sewn shut, and my sight has left.

My face is white, my eyes are grey, my skin is cold,

And you were too late.

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