Helen the Guardian

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    Helen swung back and forth on the swing, hearing the chains creak. She looked over to the playground, and saw a little girl being surrounded by a group of little boys. Helen got up and walked over to the small group. She heard a the girl crying as one of the boys kicked her.

    “Stop it!” the girl cries out. “You’re hurting me!” Helen put her hand on the boy’s shoulder and said in a stern voice,  “That isn’t nice. Stop it before I tell a grown-up.” The boys ran away and Helen helped the girl to stand up. “Are you okay? What is your name?” Helen brushed the dirt off of the girl’s shirt.
    ” I’m Arin! Thank you for saving me!” The girl said happily.  A voice called in the distance,
    ” Arin! We need to go!” Arin looked at Helen,
    ” I need to go, but be here tomorrow, okay?! Wait! What’s your name?” Arin was jumping, her eyes shining.
    ” Helen, and alright!” Helen replied, smiling sweetly.

    The next day Helen kept her promise to Arin, she was sitting on the swing when Arin ran up to her and wrapped her skinny arms around Helen’s middle in a big hug. Helen hugged back, “You came, Helen! I got you a present!” Arin handed Helen a square package wrapped in newspaper. Helen opened it, hearing the newspaper crinkle as she moved it out of the way.

    She smiled as she saw the present, a card with a single pink rose printed on it, 6 melty chocolates, and a drawing of Helen and Arin playing on the swings. Helen read the card and hugged Arin tightly, smiling wider than she had in years. “Thank you Helen! You’re my Hero!”
    “Do you like it?!” Arin was jumping up and down, messing with the blanket of leaves that was under them.
    ” Of course!” Helen said, rocking the swing back and forth.
    “Yay! Wait! Can we play swings?!” Arin rose her hands into the air in pride. Helen let go of Arin and smiled again.

    ” Sure!” Helen said, pointing to the swing next to her. Arin jumped on the swing and pumped her legs, rising higher and higher, until she could see the whole playground. Arin cried out,
    “Look at how far I can go!” She laughed and looked at Helen, who was going just as far as Arin was. An hour of playing passed and Helen had to leave. They shared their goodbyes, and Arin walked out of the park. Helen stayed at the swings until she got up, her legs feeling like jelly, and slowly walked home.

    The next day, Arin was out shopping with her mom at the market. “Can I get these?” Arin asked, holding up a box of chocolates.
    “Why do you want a box of chocolates?” Her mom asked,
    “It’s for my friend!” Arin laughed,
    “I’m sorry, but we don’t have enough money.” Arin’s mom looked sadly at her daughter, who sulked over to the shelf, and put the box back. Arin caught a glimpse of someone, and ran over to look, it was Helen. Arin ran over and hugged her around her waist.
    “Hi!” Arin said, her eyes shining.
    “Eh…Hi?” Helen patted Arin on the head, who squealed and giggled.

    “You’re here! Lets go play!” Arin dragged Helen towards the toilet paper aisle. “We should build a fort!”Arin jumped and clapped her hands. Helen shrugged and smiled, she kneeled down, and started to build the fort out of toilet paper packs. Arin laughed and climbed inside of the fort, making a throne out of tissue boxes. “I’m the princess!” Arin held a rolled up poster as a scepter.
    Helen bowed and gave a smirk, “And I shall be your Butler.”
    “What’s a butler?” Arin asked, cocking her head to the side.
    “Someone who does everything, and serves the princess.” Helen smiled.
    “But, you’re my friend! Why don’t you be a princess too?” Arin was confused.
    “You be the princess, I don’t deserve it.” Helen looked down and smiled sadly. Arin jumped down from her throne and hugged Helen.
“But you’re a princess! You saved me, so you’re the nice princess in my storybooks! And you have a little sister princess, and a handsome prince!”
    “That’d be nice…” Helen said, looking into the distance, smiling.
    “Arin! We have everything we need!” Arin’s mom called out. Arin’s face fell and she looked down,
    ” I need to go…” Arin hugged Helen again, and ran to her mom. “I’m ready!”
    Helen waved happily, telling Arin it was okay to leave.

    In the end, Helen and Arin stayed friends. Helen became the best friend Ari had ever known. The duo travelled the world, and learned much more about each other. And, in tune with her promise in the market, Helen stayed by Arin’s side until the end, and lived Happily Ever After.

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