My Boss Is Harassing Me!

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My first employment was in the Municipal office of Villanueva Misamis Orienal, Mindanao, Philippines, when I was 19 years old and that was in 1981. In any offices it is indeed hard to apply for office worker position, without powerful backer or one mush have known somebody who is famous and has power in authority.  I was surprised one day, when I was in a little food store or “carenderia” buying for ready made viand for lunch. I stayed at my sister’s house which was just adjacent to the store and it was opposite to the Municipal office particularly the office of the Mayor. A short man about 40 years old approached to me and:

(Short man) :  You are new here, right? where are you living? 

(Me) Ah, yes I just arrived last week from Manila. My house is  just at the  back of this building. 

(Short man):  Okay, you must be a relative of Lumiares family? by the way I am “Bob Abroguenia and I am the driver of Mrs. Abroguenia, the municial treasurer here in Villanueva, she is my cousin. 

Okay, thanks, nice meeting you Sir Bob.  From then on, we became friends and I introduced him to my sister. My sister was also comfortable with him for. We treated each other as special friends just like relatives.

Consequently, one morning, it was Monday, a certain Rene came to me when I bought something in the store. He said “you’re Adela, right? ” I was amazed why he knew my name. Further he said ” I am working at the Mayor’s office as personal buddy of the Municipal Mayor, Mayor Crisanto Sabio.”,  “Ah,Okay nice meeting you” I relied. He seemed very comfortable talking to me as if we know each other well alrady.

The next day, Bob told me that their receptionist was going to resign and they are going to hire for replacement. He asked me if I am interested, then I said “I am, but I think I am not qualified, because I haven’t finish college”.  I felt flattered when he said that I am qualfied, for I have the pleasing personality and the mayor likes me. It’s astonishing the fact that we haven’t meet nor see each other yet, how could he like me? but beware of the people espcially the buddies of the mayor.

The time had been so friendly to me that the transition of time was so fast. the following day Mr. Rene invited me to the Mayor’s office for interview. What? as early as this? I haven’t even see the Mayor yet, then I am called now for interview? are you kidding? I should submit first my resume or bio – data. Of course, bring with you your bio-data. I will take care of everything, just trust me.

In the late afternoon, I was escorted by Rene to the office of the Mayor. I was in my most elegant dress and the new high heeled shoes borrowed from my sistger. Our neighbors and my sisters relatives in law admired me that I looked beautiful with my dress and the mayor will surely me.

I was a bit nervous, but when I got inside the office, I pretended to be practical and experienced of many things (behind my innocence of many things instead). The mayor was about 45 years old, he was so accomodating that i felt calm and pacified of my emotion. The questions was all about my personal life. If I have boyfriend, my age, my likes and personal interests, and more but not about what i know or what are my experiences.  To my surprise I was asked to sing, but I haven’t memorize any song…. I always heard my sister sings the Tennessee Walts.  So, they sang with me and Mr. Rene did the guitar. 

Finally, the mayor said that I could start the job right away, meaning I was hired. But because I was not ready yet, there are many things that I shudl consider like my dresses for the job and some of my personal stuffs for the work.

My sister lent me money to buy important things needed to start the work, and she gave me all her dresses and garments that I liked and fitted to me. Three days after, I reported for duty and almost everybody was surprised except Bob and Rene. Of course I was new to them considering that I was also new to the place and had even less friends.

Mr. Bob gave me advice, that I should take care of myself and don’t allow anybody to invite me anywhere and anytime except office hours. i felt he was sincere of his advices, as if he had kept something and waited for the perfect time to drop the bomb. I was introduced by Rene to the people in the office and to the rest of the employees of the entire municipal hall.



=========to be continued=============

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