Facing Reality

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What is real?

What is just entertainment for the sake of escaping reality?

Are my emotions real?


I wish I knew.

I feel lost in the world we live in.

Who do I trust?

What do I believe?


Are my emotions valid?

Or are they just what I think I should feel?


There is only one thing I know to be true.


Whether it’s television shows, books, poems, or paintings, they enable me to feel connected to my true emotions.


 I write poems and shows.

I know my feelings are real as I write.

I feel pain, remorse, suffering, but I also feel happiness, hope, and peace.

I use my gift to convey my emotions in creative ways for others to connect to


Writing is cathartic.

Art is real and the emotions indiviudals experience from it go to show there is still truth in the world

I find positivity and hope in Art.

Art can be an escape from reality, but it still reminds us of the problems we must face in the world.


Individual expression is raw and beautiful

Writing is painful and revealing

Movies and Television are more than just distractions.


The best art is not just an escape from reality, but a reminder of the reality we must face and change,

Art can be the solution to so many problems in the world.

Art is real.

Art is entertaining,

Art inspires true change.



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