Eye Seek

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                                                                  Eye Seek





I’m seeking a Goddess that’s creative, never lies nor tries to be persuasive.!.

A true-love with a bond so strong, that once in each others arms we’ll know we belong.!.

She who never doubts what’s wrong, yet challenges herself to go above and beyond.!.

She who never points a finger, yet delegates very clear and assertive.!.

I’m seeking the key to my heart, my light & guide to be from this dark.!.

She’s my beginning to a new start, that’ll say; “they can never tear us apart”.!.

I’m seeking a proud & beautiful black woman, one whose confidence is contagious.!.

I want her smiles to be infectious and her intelligent mind deep, with her roots.!.

She who’s born to be wild and outrageous, yet treasures so dearly her fruits.!.

I’m seeking my role-model super-model fairy, that is as fierce as she is a fairy.!.

She who knows of her powers though not told and casts a fire with her looks.!.

She who makes heads shoulder-turn at corners but has eagle-eyes as though test.!.

I’m seeking my royal & humble huntress, whom I’ll forever honour for her greatness.!.

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