General Enrique Adolfo Espinosa de los Monteros of Mexico

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Enrique’s early days and from Spain to Mexico

Enrique was born in Madrid?(Northern Spain) or really…on a boat while the family were leaving from Barcelona on the Atlantic Ocean, Spain(possibly on a boat when his parents and family were moving “leaving” to Mexico) and his parents were from Northern Spain or… Madrid”!”.., Spain. It is said they had moved to Mexico City. Mexico and he had lived at Veracruz, Mexico. It had said he was born in the year 1900(possibly 1898) and recently it had said he was born in 1902 and 1905 and his death certificate had written in 1905 and it could of been misswritten and his brother Antonio(later who had became Mexico Ambassador to the United States) that year(in 1905) was born that had written in a article on a webpage.

In 1917(or1919) Enrique had been listed to the Mexican Army and he had a girlfriend at Spain and in 1917 he visited Spain on a boat to meet with his girlfriend and bring her to Mexico with him and her last name was Fidalgo and he married her and they lived together too and that was Enrique’s frist wife. His second was Jurnouirro(?) and third wife was Mrs. Madero(or she was the second wife possibly) and she was a niece of the Mex. President Madero. Meanwhile his brother Carlos had study as a pianist in the 1920’s and later had scored on several songs. And one of his sisters had moved to Houston, Texas. In the beginning of the 1930’s Enrique had first became a Mex. officer for the army it was told. He was a sargeant(sargento) to colonel(coronel) from 1930-1949. He had study as a doctor in the army and got his BAA degree. It had said before he had traveled to Tijuana, B.C. Mex. and stayed there in the 1930s as a officer there. His mothers uncle in 1933 had got into the Mexican President Elections and had ran for it and stopped when he had not appear at a meeting to make his speach for a really good reason.

While an enlisted officer and from the year 1933 to1944 Enrique had married again and the lady his 4th wife was probably Giurr. or Equirre and his next wife could of been one of those names or Celia ( Cecilia) Narvaez Herrera and(or another Narvaez it is…) she was the sister of my grandmother who he had married later.Enrique had spoke Spanish and he had learn or study English. And he had probably learn or study the language German in the late 1930’s or early 1940’s and he had study Portuguese too.

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