Eardley Erastus Hawks

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Eardley Erastus Hawks was born in Mesa, Arizona Aug. 1896, the fifth child of Amos Joseph and Florence Julia Eardley Hawks.
Amos Hawks was a restless man, roaming from one place to another, moving his family frequently and himself more. When dad (Eardley) was around 2 or 3 years old the family moved from Mesa to Orangeville, Utah.

Dad’s only memory of the trip was the crossing of the Green River. The ice from the winters freeze had broken up in huge chunks which were grinding and crushing their say down stream. The crossing was made by wagon and team.

Dad remembered climbing up the wagon side and trying to see over and how his sister Nettie was always pulling him back and screaming from sheer fright of the rolling, bumping ice blocks.

The main memories of Orangeville were the way the crops grew in the fertile soils and of one bad flood in which a young man who stayed with them was swept to his death….

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