Dear Mom

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my life is ending

nowhere to go

you’re distroying me i hope you know

the way you express is not good for me

i need to escape so i can be free

the restraints you hold bring me down

as if im here but nowhere to be found

i created a place where i can go

but you destroyed that to so now where do i go

you say dont you wanna be the best

i do but not if it puts me through this stress

you strain and strain cuz you think you’re helping

but your making me worse with all your shouting

you’re ruining the one thing that made me strong

the one person thats been there all along

what do i do in these times of need

i need some help why can you see

i cant talk to you

you think you’re the best

better and more knowing then all the rest

arrogant and selfish is what i think

you have detached our forever link

leaving now is all i have

a bran new start that you cant grab

seperation from all the pain i know

im sad to say but i need to go

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