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When it’s snowing

And every light’s glowing

And leaves are nowhere to be seen;


When it’s snowing

The cold is growing

And the snow on the hillsides gleam;


We all know it’s coming

The axe is thumping

Cutting down the old pine tree;


We are waiting in anguish

Waiting to vanquish

The need for those presents hidden under the tree;


It’s Christmas time

It’s sleigh-ride time

It’s time for Christmas deals;


It’s present time

It’s Santa time

It’s time for snowmobiles;


The hills are bare

The trees are still there

The moon is bright as day;


The wind is stirring

The fire is burning

The bells ring on the sleigh;


We gather ‘round the fire as we grab a present or two

And laugh and shout as we look inside

And find some tennis shoes;


It’s Christmas time for everyone

It’s Christmas time for me

It’s Christmas time for all who come around our Christmas tree;


If the wind wasn’t blowing

And the moon wasn’t glowing

And the hills all bore no snow;

And there were no laughs

And there were no crafts

And the air did not bear forgiveness;


Then who would care

If I was not there

To celebrate my Christmas.

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