The Truth Behind All

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Chapter 1 

  Today is my first day at Mystic Falls High. New people and I think I see two of my child-hood friends.  Jeremy and Elena Gilbert. I’m going to catch up. “Hey, Katherine.” ” Hey Jeremy.” “I’m going to let you and Jeremy catch up. Plus you guys have classes together.” ” Bye, Elena.”, I said as she walked away. “Let me see your schedule.” I handed Jeremy my schedule. “How many classes do we have together?”, I asked. ” We have every class together.” ” Sweet.” We walked to class together and Elena and her friends were walking. One pf them were talking about the 90’s dance. Jeremy asked me if I was going and I asked with who. He asked me to the dance and I said yes. During lunch he found me at my locker and we ate together. After school he walked me home and we hung out for a couple hours. After we went to his house where I met, Tyler Lockwood, Caroline Fobes, Bonnie Bennett, Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, and Matt Donovan. “Hey, Jeremy, who’s this?”, Damon asked. “My name is Katherine Petrova, I come from south Virginia.”, I said. “Wait Katherine Petrova?”, Asked Stefan. “Yes, you guys might know Katerina Petrova.”, I replied. “Yes, we know her Elena is her doppelganger.”, Damon said. ” I know. I’m her sister.” Everyone was shocked. ” Are you a vampire?”, asked Tyler. “No. I am not. My mother was a vampire.” “Cool, bet you’d be a hot vampire.”, Jeremy said. I blushed. “Thanks.  Why did you guys seem so shocked when I said Katerina is my sister?”, I asked. “She’s a vampire. She kills family.”, Elena replied. “Well, I didn’t know my sister kills, but I know Klaus and his family are in town.” ” They are?”, Caroline asked. “Yep. One of them goes to Mystic Falls High. She’s is in your guys’ grade.” “She’s a Junior?”, asked Matt. “Yes, her name is Rebecca Michaelson. She wants to have a normal life.” “Great, we have an original at school.”, complained Stefan. “Well, if you mind I’m going to take Katherine upstairs and we are going to hang out.”, said Jeremy. “Ok, Jer. Have fun.”, said Tyler. We went upstairs and we heard Tyler saying how cute I would look with Jeremy. Elena told him that I was his best friend. “So Jeremy, When’s the dance?”, I asked. He replied,” Tomorrow night. I’ll pick you up at 6:30pm, so we can spend time together alone. You wanna Know something.” “Sure”. “I like you more a friend.” “Same.” “Cool, um on Saturday do you wanna go on a date with me?” “Yeah, I’d like that.” It was dinner time so I ate with Jeremy, Elena, Stefan, Damon Matt, Tyler, Caroline, and Bonnie. “So Katherine, are you and Jeremy a thing, now that you’re back?”. Damon joked. I’ve known the Salvatores‘ since I was young. Damon always made me happy, but Stefan I can’t stand looking at him.”Yes, we are.”, Jeremy said. “Katherine, you haven’t said a word to Stefan.”, Elena said. “I don’t want to talk to him. I can’t stand him, I never have. I was always happy with you, Damon, and Jeremy. Then of course I moved.”, I replied honestly. “Well, Katherine, that’s going to change!”, Stefan yelled. “You’re yelling at the wrong person, Stefan. If I don’t like you. I DO NOT LIKE YOU!”, I yelled back. “Ok, that’s enough. Let’s go Jeremy and Katherine.”, Damon said. He looked at Stefan with a mean look on his face. “What was that for Damon?”, asked Jeremy. ” My brother isn’t himself. He could have hurt Katherine.”, Damon  replied. “Where is Katherine?”, Jeremy asked. “Stefan has her.” “Where?” “At my house.”, said Damon. “Let’s go.”, replied Jeremy. “Hold up Van Helsing. If I walk in and Stefan is about to kill her, I can get to him 10x faster than you can.”, Damon said as they got in the car. Like any other kidnapping, Stefan tied me to a chair. Stefan heard Damon’s car pull up. Jeremy and Damon came in. Something was different.

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