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As I am not perfect of my English language, the terminologies that I used in all of my items are just plain and less  idiomatic expressions lest my audience and readers can understand and can relate of my thoughts. The people that whom I would like to share my personal stories are just my families and relatives who are the same way not perfect of the English language. I am leaving my written works to keep my life story preserved for my future generations.

For surely, nothing will stay forever in this world, but memories will remain and be remebered by my loved ones. So I am trying to be good one that perhaps they would remember me of my works not to let them cry, as they think of me,  but i would like to give them joy as they laugh on some of my crazy deeds and take lessons out of those things that I missed to make perfect.

MY children: Io Kryson Cabiladas, Boyd Yron Xhryzler Cabiladas, My only princess Raiya Crissela Cabiladas, and Qriztum Jayms Cabiladas, My wish for you all guys is to have a good and happy life living with Christ Jesus. Remember that I love you more than you think I would do. I wished you to achieve the best things in life, but i just didn’t have the great opportunity to drive you to the place that I saw is the best place for you to go, But Heaven for me is no other place greater than this for there is Jesus, that with Him you have no more things to ask, because  He is complete. Everything in this world is just vain and temporary. Go for the the it for you will have a no-ending Joy on it.  I would have been so sad and lonely in this world for this world brought me frustrations and desperations. But I realized finally that in this world what is important for us to do to serve God and make your life a worth remembering one leaving a good remembrance that could be taken some lessons and educations, by this you can leave a best legacy to advocate the same way by your future children or generations. Let our lives live through our good deeds. Try to do it in writing, saying indirectly the things that you could not say it all to all that you would like to know your stories.

i am trying to complete my stories by episodes for you to connect according to its chronological sequence as you analyze it.

My stories have no hidden things, but every detail is being unveiled for your understanding of the “Whys” and the “Hows” of my life that you need to figure out.


=====to be continued========



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