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If one day my child asks me if why I didn’t marry the man I love,

I might probably answer that I loved him too much to keep him.

I guess a woman will always have that one love,

Because men will always marry the one they love.

Then I’ll end up telling my child,

‘Your father loved me but he loves you more.’


There’s that great pain we have to bare,

It might be for a lifetime,

Or it might be for a moment,

But it will always be our choice to carry the burden.

And it will always be us who will never get even.


Strange as it sounds,

love has no time. I can bet on that.

Authentic love never fails.

Because if it does, none of us will ever exist today.


Love was too broad to have its own definition,

That’s why fools go into action.

Thinking that money or ambition

Can make someone to lean on.

But the truth is that,

No amount of wealth or time or even lifetime

Can ever estimate how powerful love can ever be

That even God died for humanity.


It will be a cliché if you tell someone you love them

But not willing to die for them.

Those cowards!

They are even the ones who starts the battle

But never did once finish and fought ’til the end.

They won the war on love,

Because they caused a lot of heart ache

But no one ever won over the battle

‘Coz it was too much for them to handle.

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