Amnesia Dust

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Amnesia Dust



Why am I trying to make you laugh?

Have I known sadness this bad?

You caused me pain and I should be laughing,

But seeing you in pain and lost in thinking,

Maybe I could let go of this one thing..


I wonder how you hurt,

Is it bad as I have had?

Or right now, you know you’re just sad

and later realize you’re not anymore mad

Then you’ll crawl back right up and be glad?


I don’t know you anymore. That’s for sure.

I may still recognize your face and feature

But I never dream anymore of an ‘us’ in the future.

Maybe one day we both will regret this,

But I want you to remember how it went like this,

I know I went through a desperate love a crisis.


I can only gaze at you and maybe put a smirk,

But it wont be the same smile you used to cause,

A gentle thin line you can only bought

And it will never be the same heart beat when I see you to a door

Because you made it sure

That it was all cruel and a disease we never found a cure..


So much for the months that I had loved you too much,

So much for keeping what was supposed to be said,

By and by maybe I may fall again,

But by God, I will make sure its not to you once again.


I’m sorry it has come to this,

The pain you feel right now may only be just as half as I felt,

It may kill you inside right now,

But you have to know, you made me swallowed a bomb

It exploded right into my heart

Next to the pile of unspoken promises I wish to tell you

and to the bags of memories I can only have with you..

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