A Mind’s Journey

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I walk clothed in the supple blanket of the night,
tasting the heavy, moist air.
Pinpoints of candle light deign to grace the horizon,
while soft shadows dance at the edges of my vision.
Oh fallow earth, uprooted,
never hindering my step,
yet leaving a trail for any who want to follow.
You seek to destroy any attempt at stealth,
and where I began alone,
I now am accompanied.
One becoming two, walking aside me.
The reflection of the stars upon the water's edge,
or perhaps a mirror of the night sky bestowed,
gathers 'round ones brow.
The other possesses eyes harnessed with the fury of fire,
dancing flames licking eyebrows un-singed,
cradled in the impassive face of one resigned.
The shadows continue their merry play,
masks upon the clear faces of my companions,
changing their shapes.
The owl graces me with its presence,
announcing my approach with warning fanfare,
loud who-are-you's echoing in the still.
A deer with the soft supple covering of new growth on its antlers,
guiding me softly, warily watching,
silently judging.
I pass into the clearing,
where the moon light cascades through,
cutting through the dark curtain.
I meet my fellow sojourners,
in this place with no clouds or time,
guided here by the same means as I.
Their faces are cloudy,
I recognize them not,
yet I am home.

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