A Fathers Lesson

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  He is content with his life. A beautiful wife with children that give him a reason

to smile bright. If this is the case then why does he fight to keep up with those

who haven’t a clue about philosophies sight? The others have a mind that is

deranged and demented from their own personal strife which is Why he

continues to compete with their might. He wants to show them that death

carries more freight than any other cargo that is brought from the worlds ship

and into the pier where heaven resides.

  He can no longer cry as it is hummanities fault for why they cannot glimmer

with the light. Henceforth, anyone who does wrong should know what is

right. Like a man full of constant sorrow he knows the burdens in which people

carry around like an unseen ball an chain attached to their ankles that prevents

them from walking into the shine.

  Again he gets his children ready for schools promising height. He hopes that

one day they will reach where no other person has ever taken flight. He tells

them, “Do not worry about the time, it is only their to smite you when your

mind is travelling beyond its earthly grime”. ©


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