1744 voyage of St. Andrew

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Example of article published on the arrival of an immigrant ship

Ship: St. Andrew
Captain: Robert Brown Master
Arrival: Charleston SC, Dec 31, 1744 

The passengers on the 1744 voyage of the St. Andrew may have contracted to be delivered to Philadelphia, but the ship was diverted by Capt. Brown to the port of Charleston. 

Marianne S. Wokeck, Trade in Strangers: The Beginnings of Mass Migration to North America (University Park, PA: Pennsylvania State University Press, 1999). 

p. 274: "The papers in Philadelphia (Pennsylvanische Berichte, American Weekly Mercury) reported that the captain in effect forced the German immigrants to land in Charleston rather than Philadelphia and that the ship was chased by French privateers." 

From The South Carolina Gazette, January 1745
The South Carolina Gazette showed that the St. Andrew had left the harbor, Monday, January 7th 1745 Numb 563
Custom House Charlestown
Enter’d     Inwards
Ship St. Andrew, Robert Brown from Cowes
Enter’d     Outwards
Ship St. Andrew, Robert Brown for Cowes

Ship arrival Advertisements in The South Carolina Gazette
Monday January 7th 1745 Numb 563
Monday January 14th 1745 Numb 564
Monday January 21st 1745 Numb 565

Brentwood’s Petitions For Land from South Carolina Council Journals 

Page 11: Meeting of 2d January 1744/5

His Excellency also aquatinted the Board that the Palatine Protestants to the number of one hundred, who had lately arrived in Capt. Brown’s Ship came on the 31st of December last, in a Body to the Council Chamber and took the State Oaths to His Majesty, all of them having determined to remain and settle in this Province.

24 Jan 1744/5:
Read the petition of a considerable number of Protestant Palatines, most humbly showing that the poor petitioners have been on board the St. Andrew’s, Captain Brown commander, these twenty-six weeks past, and there is as yet no likelihood for them to get free of her, because there are none of us yet who have purchased their service; they therefore humbly pray his Excellency and Honors that they may find so much favor as to their passages that a sum equivalent to discharge the same be raised by the government, for which they promise to join in a bond to repay the same within the term of three years, with lawful interest; and that if any of them shall not be able to pay the above sum within that time, that the government in that case shall have full power to dispose of them and their families as they shall think proper, &c. Ordered to make investigations and report.

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