Golden Gates

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Solid Gold Castles

with steel-iron gates

screaming indignantly

saying, “Get-out! Get-out!

You are not welcome here

Go back to your slum streets

Your grease and your filth

Get a move on with those

jail-black boots

trying to buy my time

You need not bother me

anymore, go back home!”


The Mexican little boy

crying and worrying

“But where shall I go?

I have no home to speak of

My country and my culture

are being wiped out! 

I’m afraid for it and for me.”

Suddenly a grown man

realizes his fear made him

a child once more

minus the playfulness

and the innocence

and the energy

all disappearing


But he struggles

and fights for 

his dignity again

brushes off the

dirt from his shoes

and polishes them

to perfection

resulting in total

and complete

cleanliness of spirit,

the beauty of truth,

and the harmony of equality,

no longer a slave 

to the crumbs

of his youth






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