Racing Thoughts

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Do you believe in shared dreams
across a distance, through trees?
Do you believe in ‘meant to be’
or are these thoughts insanity?


Never once, have we spoke
yet I feel I know you most.
How silly is that to think?
Insanity holds my heart at the brink.


Not at all, would we work
why then, do my thoughts lurk?
I try to put you off my mind
But part of me hopes you’ll find..




The events that follow, well.
My thoughts haven’t made it that far.
So how dumb is this? To want so bad
Just to get what can’t be had.


No intentions to see it through
I just want to stop being blue.
For so long, it all was the same.
All that changed, when you came.


Still, it’s been long and we have not spoke
I can feel the want in your throat.
I know whats right, and this is wrong
How do people fight urges this strong?


If you were interested; I’d be along
We’d have so much fun, how could that be wrong?
Insanity creeps through the shadows once more
With you, life wouldn’t be a bore.


But; it wouldn’t be my life.
It would all be changed.
That’s what I want tho..
Just not in that way.


The dreams shall end, eventually.
How do you creep in them so spectacularly?
I know it is just in my mind
But through it all, the truth is hard to find.

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