Always (for Ken)

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                 -for Ken


I wish I could say I love you legally,

No holding back,

No guilt to consume me before I sleep

And nothing to worry if tomorrow you still love me,


I wish I could hate us right now,

But I can’t stop looking out for you,

Searching for something true,

Something more colorful than hue.


If love is true and real,

I want everyone to know how I feel.

Not because I’m happy when I’m with you,

But I’m contented with all of the things we can only do.


No expensive gift or luxurious space can ever top our trip,

Eventhough my hands are on grip,

Even if one day this will hurt until strips,

I wanna remember everything because you’re my gift.


I wanna cherish everything we have,

The stops we make then I kiss you,

The pause we do then I hug you,

The way you stare and I’ll just plant you kisses

Looking up and making up wishes.


Am I dreaming? Is this really happening?

Are we love making?

Can we have tomorrow for the taking?

I wanna make everyone know what we’re sharing,

Even if this will consume and will be sinking.

For the rest of my life,

I was yours for the past few days,

And I wish….. for a lot more days,


I’m yours,

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